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What on earth is SOOP?

The Society of Obsessed (female) Photographers - where photography makes you proud, confident and creative.

The "SOOP" method teaches you the basics of photography in the easiest and most logical way.

Instead of understanding the "whole" camera you only need to understand how to apply a couple of the settings.

Instead of learning by genre (for instance landscape photography) you learn the photography fundamentals in a way which you can adapt to every kind of photography

SOOP is about:

  • developing your own authentic photographic style
  • displaying your images on social media in a way in which you are proud of, which serves your needs and which is fun to maintain
  • being confident that you can get your camera to create the look you've imagined
  • NOT putting all your focus on learning the tech, but instead to learn the basics and then go on to develop your creativity

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